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Tips to Help You Choose The Right Earrings

No authentically ethnic attire would ever be complete without a set of Indian earrings. Even though modish style of earring and western designs can be paired well with Indian outfits, nothing makes an ethnic attire blossom and shine quite like a pair of ethnic earrings. These days, plenty of online retailers sell Indian earrings andContinue reading “Tips to Help You Choose The Right Earrings”


Krishna Surrounded By His Dancing Radha

The appeal of Madhubani depictions is multifold. Consummated by the ladies of the Mithila area of Bihar, this society artistic expression happened as a way to improve the mud residences of the locale. While these artworks have developed to increasingly versatile media, for example, texture, canvas, and high quality paper, for example, the one youContinue reading “Krishna Surrounded By His Dancing Radha”

The charm and grace of Bandhani Sari

One of the beautiful fabrics made in our country, Bandhani just continues to be more popular every day. For all the intricate and subtle beauty and charm, (and the beautiful colors they have), Bandhani Sarees, Dupattas, Rok, and Lehengas are always the favorites of our women. If you are one of those people who haveContinue reading “The charm and grace of Bandhani Sari”

The kalamkari Durga Folk Art Paintings

The word ‘kalamkari‘ is a portmanteau of ‘kalam’ (pen) and ‘kari’ (handiwork). The kalam in question is a sprig of bamboo sculpted into the shape of a rudimentary pen. The kari is done on a section of very specifically treated fabric canvas, using homemade colours put together from organic pigments. This form of folk artContinue reading “The kalamkari Durga Folk Art Paintings”

Beautiful Krishna Miniature Paintings in Rajasthani style

Rendered in Marwar saying of Rajasthani Art style Paintings , seeking after the topic, style and everything of a mid nineteenth century smaller than normal from Jodhpur, in its precision aside from the work of art’s size and the foundation shade of the hover in the middle containing the figures of Radha and Krishna, theContinue reading “Beautiful Krishna Miniature Paintings in Rajasthani style”

Folk Art Water Color Painting on Rama-Krishna-Jagannath Panel

Pattachitra is a well established part of life in Orissa. It is the name given to illustrations made utilizing endemic shades and methods on a texture canvas arranged locally by hand. The one you see on this page has a tussar pata-astra, a homegrown assortment of silk whose unquestionable ivory shading has gained a duskContinue reading “Folk Art Water Color Painting on Rama-Krishna-Jagannath Panel”

Coral-Reef Handloom Carpet Pure Silk

The excellence and disturbance of Kashmir is caught in the locale’s mark painstaking work. While sarees and shawls of the broadly pined for pashmina make proliferate, we additionally make it a point to add to our gathering a bunch of the most recent floor coverings each season. These rise up out of the renowned handloomsContinue reading “Coral-Reef Handloom Carpet Pure Silk”

The Tree Of Life Beckons You

Folk paintings from the Mithila region of Bihar are coveted all over the world for their simplistic beauty and devotional themes. These are traditionally made by women to decorate the mud walls and ceilings of their dwellings, and have evolved to be made on mobile canvas, fabric, and handmade paper. Anything from a stone toContinue reading “The Tree Of Life Beckons You”

Krishna Silhouette Pendant, Peacock-feather On His Crown

This moderate pendant, flawlessly smithed for what it’s worth, would be an announcement expansion to your adornments box. On the off chance that you are an aficionado of Krishna and love gems that is unfussy, this is the number for you. It is a straightforward roundabout edge of gold, of a consistently undulating surface. InsideContinue reading “Krishna Silhouette Pendant, Peacock-feather On His Crown”

Turbaned Ganesha Silhouette Pendant

This pendant is an absolute necessity have on the off chance that you are enamored with Ganesha. The most broadly cherished and adored of the whole Hindu pantheon, His undeniable outline has been caught in this superbly smithed flickering gold pendant. It is His charmingly pudgy structure, combined with His affinity to favor and giveContinue reading “Turbaned Ganesha Silhouette Pendant”

Mask Of A Lion Wall-hanging

The lion holds a place of pride in Indian culture. The most ferocious creature of the wilderness, it serves as the vahana of Devi Durga Herself. Even Narasimha, an all-important Vishnu incarnation, is half-lion and half-man. Lions are also an indispensable aspect of Buddhist symbolism – they grace stupas and pillars and entrances to placesContinue reading “Mask Of A Lion Wall-hanging”

Choosing the Right Moonstone

Jewelry can serve several purposes for both men and women that sets it in a category all on its own. It can transform any outfit from dull and boring to snazzy and chic with the right set of pieces. These items can also remind the wearer of special events or memories so that they becomeContinue reading “Choosing the Right Moonstone”