Tips to Help You Choose The Right Earrings

No authentically ethnic attire would ever be complete without a set of Indian earrings. Even though modish style of earring and western designs can be paired well with Indian outfits, nothing makes an ethnic attire blossom and shine quite like a pair of ethnic earrings. These days, plenty of online retailers sell Indian earrings andContinue reading “Tips to Help You Choose The Right Earrings”

Turbaned Ganesha Silhouette Pendant

This pendant is an absolute necessity have on the off chance that you are enamored with Ganesha. The most broadly cherished and adored of the whole Hindu pantheon, His undeniable outline has been caught in this superbly smithed flickering gold pendant. It is His charmingly pudgy structure, combined with His affinity to favor and giveContinue reading “Turbaned Ganesha Silhouette Pendant”

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