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Tips to Help You Choose The Right Earrings

No authentically ethnic attire would ever be complete without a set of Indian earrings. Even though modish style of earring and western designs can be paired well with Indian outfits, nothing makes an ethnic attire blossom and shine quite like a pair of ethnic earrings. These days, plenty of online retailers sell Indian earrings and such websites have become quite credible as well. However, you still need to mind a few factors when buying earrings online

The occasion

The choice of earrings depends largely on the occasion you wish to attend. For example, for the wedding of a sibling, you would need flashier, heavier and prettier earrings though something a little subdued would do for weddings of people that aren’t related to you.

For religious celebrations and festivities, the heaviness of your outfit should dictate how loud your earrings should be. For daily use, always opt for small earrings if they are heavily detailed and if your earrings are large, they should be on the minimal side. Indian earrings are available in different types, including studs, clip-on, hoops, danglers and chandelier earrings. You should always consider your face shape when buying earrings. To get more information on Indian earrings and jewelry, click here .

Your marital status and age

An unwritten rule in Indian dressing is that a married woman needs to dress up well while an unmarried woman or girls or a widowed women need to refrain from wearing very elaborate pieces. Age is another important factor as heavier and more elaborate pieces are not recommended for girls younger than 16-18 and women older than 55 and one should remember this when selecting a particular piece.

How heavy can you go?

Earrings can be rather heavy. This means that while an elaborate dangler may look awesome in theory, it can really hurt your earlobe when you wear it. You should look out for the manufacturer’s description and find the weight of an individual piece when shopping for earrings online. To test the weight of an earring that you have found on a website, wear a single earring and hang others from it till they reach the net weight of the piece you have selected.

To match or not to match

Earrings with stonework that matches your attire look fabulous and part of the set. However, this same factor also limits their use too. Hence, buying a very experience earring that matches just one outfit can be a mistake if you are on a budget. Also, remember that the tone of the metal used in an earring should not be in conflict with the hardware and detailing on the outfit(s) that you plan on wearing it with. To get more information on designer blouses and Indian textiles, click here .

Check the website’s “try before buy” and return policies

Another key consideration when buying earrings online is that you need to check that the website has a suitable “try before you buy” and return policy. The former allows a user to try an item on before making a payment for it. In the latter method, the user can return the product if they are not satisfied with it and avail store credit to the exact amount of the purchase.


Krishna Surrounded By His Dancing Radha

The appeal of Madhubani depictions is multifold. Consummated by the ladies of the Mithila area of Bihar, this society artistic expression happened as a way to improve the mud residences of the locale. While these artworks have developed to increasingly versatile media, for example, texture, canvas, and high quality paper, for example, the one you see here, the topics and details of workmanship stay customary.

The colors utilized are normally inferred vegetable-based shades, frequently utilized notwithstanding lampblack and ochre. The lines and shapes utilized, moderate. The topics are of a reverential sort, with the completed compositions giving endlessly the otherworldly tendencies of the craftsman who made it. This is a work of art of the best-cherished of Hindu gods, Krishna Himself. He is playing the trademark woodwind, to the music of which moves His valuable Radha.

The delineation of Radha-Krishna in this artistic creation is generally uncommon. While Radha apparently dances to Her Krishna’s music in numerous pieces, this one has the Krishna figure at the pistil. A figure of Radha is painted on every one of the petals that encompass it. Her arms are raised, Her ghagra streaming to the movements of the move.

Her ebony hair falls down Her back. Regardless of the moderate strokes of the brush that are atypical of Madhubani sketches, the 12 figures in this composition are each loaded with befitting shringar. Krishna’s streaming silks and expand crown have been painted with meticulous detail, the trees behind Him the very image of the Vrindavan of His childhood.

The charm and grace of Bandhani Sari

One of the beautiful fabrics made in our country, Bandhani just continues to be more popular every day. For all the intricate and subtle beauty and charm, (and the beautiful colors they have), Bandhani Sarees, Dupattas, Rok, and Lehengas are always the favorites of our women. If you are one of those people who have a case of incurable love for Bandhani, look at this collection of Bandhani Sarees and their patterns for falling deeper into everything that Bandhani has!

Originally from Rajasthan and Punjab, Bandhani Sarees have been worn for centuries and some in some truly brilliant colors such as yellow, pink, blue and red.

Green-Flash Shaded Bandhani Silk Sari

Recently, Bandhani Sarees has been the subject of a slight modern touch, mixing and combining colors and patterns. Half and half of the sari bandhani with half the sari bandhani and the other half in another material are also very popular recently.

The mild zari border with cotton saree bandhani is the best of all saree bandhani because of their old world elegance and charm.

The only way to make a Bandhani Saree more beautiful is to add a good amount of work to them. Whether it is a work of gold or a mirror, it only increases the charm and grace of Bandhani.

How beautiful they are, Bandhani Sarees deserves to be part of our wardrobe, especially if you like wearing ethnic clothing, desi weaving!

The kalamkari Durga Folk Art Paintings

The word ‘kalamkari‘ is a portmanteau of ‘kalam’ (pen) and ‘kari’ (handiwork). The kalam in question is a sprig of bamboo sculpted into the shape of a rudimentary pen. The kari is done on a section of very specifically treated fabric canvas, using homemade colours put together from organic pigments.

Tranquil Roopa Of Devi Durga

This form of folk art has been practised in Andhra Pradesh, its Southern roots quite visible in this particular composition. From the tall tapering crown of the Devi Durga to the highly detailed motifs in the background. In fact, the level of detailing done in each unit surface area of the painting is quintessentially kalamkari – zoom in on the pleats of the Devi’s saree, the engravings on Her crown, ad the body of the simha to appreciate the same. This work of art is designed to be hung solo on a wall in your space, making for an imposing statement.

Beautiful Krishna Miniature Paintings in Rajasthani style

Rendered in Marwar saying of Rajasthani Art style Paintings , seeking after the topic, style and everything of a mid nineteenth century smaller than normal from Jodhpur, in its precision aside from the work of art’s size and the foundation shade of the hover in the middle containing the figures of Radha and Krishna, the composition depicts a lamenting Radha for Krishna’s inability to reach there regardless of the guarantee he had made her, and Krishna masked as a Gopi remaining before her. Radha had carried with her lotuses for Krishna however a similar currently lie on the ground. She is unfit to raise her head and disperse her mistake which further irritates when she supposes how for him she had enhanced herself like a lady of the hour and had overcome much in the night. The full enormous moon and the bright nature around make her progressively hopeless. The night is progressing and she doesn’t have an inkling on the off chance that he would join her or she will need to pass the night in this forest of trees in solitude spare a couple of merciful dairy animals as enthusiastically anticipating Krishna’s landing.

Krishna, devilish as he is especially when imagining ways for prodding Radha, is remaining before her however masked as a Gopi and, as he had pre-contemplated, Radha neglects to remember him not just in light of the fact that he is in a Gopi’s pretense or has his face secured with the sari’s end, yet in addition on the grounds that with her bowed head she can see just his feet and the sari worn around his legs. As though this isn’t sufficient, for further dumbfounding her Krishna exchanges his peacock quill peak with an expand ‘benda’ – a brow trimming, and rather than his typical woodwind conveys a vina – a stringed instrument, similar to Todi Ragini showing the state of mind of detachment in affection. But his blue body shading he has combined his character totally with the Gopi’s. Possibly, Krishna struck the series of his lyre however Radha, lost in his idea, probably won’t have heard it by any means, and this may have propelled Krishna to prod her to an ever increasing extent. Symbolically, Krishna as Gopi, that is, one as Radha – the spirit in commitment, herself, attests that a heart would discover Him such as itself on the off chance that it really converges in Him.

Clearly, it was after the Bhagavata Purana and the Jaideva’s Gita-Govinda found components of Krishna’s holiness in his adoration’s game, there built up an immense assemblage of fantasies that sublimated not exclusively Krishna’s affection for Radha, or Radha’s enthusiastic desires for him yet in addition many lighter parts of life, the substance of Krishna’s Vaishnavism that acknowledged the life for what it’s worth and found its godliness in its sublimation. The extraordinary bosses like Vallabha and Chaitanya added to such account and lovely elements of the Bhagavata and the Gita Govinda philosophical point of view and reverential religion and raised them to the status of God’s perfect game with Krishna showing Him, and Radha being its ageless medium. At the point when the devotee Mughal standard of the later days tried to trample Vaishnava symbols under its boots and the organization of Vaishnavism was in extraordinary risk, Rajasthan developed as the ageless haven of Krishna’s love religion and there rose not just an immense group of craftsmanship depicting Vaishnava legends yet additionally various places of worship.

This depiction by Prof. P.C. Jain and Dr. Daljeet. Prof. Jain practices on the feel of writing and is the writer of various books on Indian workmanship and culture. Dr. Daljeet is the guardian of the Miniature Painting Gallery, National Museum, New Delhi. They have both worked together on various books.

Folk Art Water Color Painting on Rama-Krishna-Jagannath Panel

Pattachitra is a well established part of life in Orissa. It is the name given to illustrations made utilizing endemic shades and methods on a texture canvas arranged locally by hand. The one you see on this page has a tussar pata-astra, a homegrown assortment of silk whose unquestionable ivory shading has gained a dusk tint post tamarind-gum and chalk (khadi lagi) treatment. The topic of the work of art is otherworldly with regards to patachitra convention. It highlights Lord Rama with Lord Hanuman arranged in His heart, Lord Krishna with His adored Radha in the frontal area, and the tilak-graced face of Lord Jagannath in three focal boards (from the base upwards). Scenes from the life of Purushottam Rama has been outlined in a progression of littler round boards that run horizontally along the chitra just as along the base. Focusing in on the boards would empower you to welcome the dimension of detail consolidated with the assistance of such simple system.

Discussing procedure, the completed pata-astra is first delineated into boards, which is trailed by drawing with conch-water (tipana). This is essential to the completion that develops later on. What results is a dynamic method that nearly sums to custom – luga pindha (painting on the celestial clothing), at that point alankara lagi (painting on the awesome adornments). At long last, the work is done with thick dark shading wherever required (mota kala), at that point fragile sketching out to finish the subtleties (saru kala). At the end of the day, the chitra before you is a high-exactness work that has taken an eye-watering extent of time and ability and work to be made. The most wondrous part of this work of art is the creation of the Jagannath mukhmandal, with each element made of more diminutive, increasingly point by point boards delineating the Lord Vishnu.

Coral-Reef Handloom Carpet Pure Silk

The excellence and disturbance of Kashmir is caught in the locale’s mark painstaking work. While sarees and shawls of the broadly pined for pashmina make proliferate, we additionally make it a point to add to our gathering a bunch of the most recent floor coverings each season. These rise up out of the renowned handlooms that dab the valley, the aptitude for which exists in each between generational group of Kashmiri weavers. This solid yet lushly designed floor covering is one such case of Kashmiri crafts manship. Produced using a cotton establishment superimposed with superfine silk weaving, these beauteous mats have advanced to cover Kashmiri homes with both warmth and feel in the stature of the Himalayan winter.

This carpet highlights hitched blooms, a mark claim to fame of the Orient. Done meticulously by hand, this procedure yields perfect outcomes as could be found in this floor covering – solitary examples (a wide assortment of nearby greenery), extraordinary hues, and a surface to bite the dust for. Note the thick ivory tufts along the expansiveness of this carpet set off the gritty shading palette of the field. Focusing in on each surface zone unit would empower you to welcome the excellence and uniqueness of every component of the example. Dress your floors in this ravishing Kashmiri carpet to add to your space the tricky appeal of the Orient.

The Tree Of Life Beckons You

Folk paintings from the Mithila region of Bihar are coveted all over the world for their simplistic beauty and devotional themes. These are traditionally made by women to decorate the mud walls and ceilings of their dwellings, and have evolved to be made on mobile canvas, fabric, and handmade paper. Anything from a stone to a matchstick, and even one’s own fingers, could serve as a ‘paintbrush’, while the colours used are actually vegetable-derived pigments. The one you see on this page is a Madhubani painting on handmade paper. It has been curated to go into our latest folk art collection because of its unconventional theme.

This variety of paintings are made on spiritual themes. The subjects are usually from the diverse Hindu pantheon, replete with their respective long-established iconography and personal beauty. However, this one draws not from popular iconography but from a much lesser-known motif of the tree of life. This all-important tree in Indian Hindu and Buddhist tradition is said to have infused the Buddha with the ultimate truths of life and enlightenment as He sat underneath it steeped in meditation. Done in a simple tritone palette comprising of solid black, white, and orange that hints at a setting-sun background, the curves of the rising branches are eerily realistic. This one-of-a-kind painting is bound to fill your space with calm and serenity.

Krishna Silhouette Pendant, Peacock-feather On His Crown

This moderate pendant, flawlessly smithed for what it’s worth, would be an announcement expansion to your adornments box. On the off chance that you are an aficionado of Krishna and love gems that is unfussy, this is the number for you. It is a straightforward roundabout edge of gold, of a consistently undulating surface. Inside the edge is simply the picture of Krishna. He is the most loved of Hindus around the world, particularly young ladies, much the same as He was with the gopis at Vrindavan. He is interminably adoring, kind, and insightful, and His charms are bounty. Shaped in the choicest extents of a young man, He makes divine music with His mark instrument, the flute. In this pendant, one could see the obvious outline of this profoundly cherished divinity.

The face is cut from a bit of shining silver, bested with a trace of gold that capacities as a crown. A necklace of miniscule silver stones has been smithed underneath the equivalent. The remainder of His structure is in layout, finished with select amounts of gold that demonstrate the scarves and shringar of His structure. A stick of gold, which is the thing that is by all accounts the flute, is on His right side, together with a flawlessly blossoming silver-shaded lotus. The announcement making part of this pendant is the beautiful peacock-quill smithed at an edge to Krishna’s crown – a shapely cutting of silver, implanted with polished hued stones, commands the workmanship.

Turbaned Ganesha Silhouette Pendant

This pendant is an absolute necessity have on the off chance that you are enamored with Ganesha. The most broadly cherished and adored of the whole Hindu pantheon, His undeniable outline has been caught in this superbly smithed flickering gold pendant. It is His charmingly pudgy structure, combined with His affinity to favor and give helps, that make Him the most loved of generally enthusiasts. The child of Shiva and Parvati, there is something else entirely to Ganesha than His untainted honesty and the adoration for laddooes that indisputably sneaks up in His iconography (note the hill of sparkling silver jewelry in one of His gold-smithed palms). As the child of Shiva, He is warrior of dharm and was in charge of the effective assignment of the amrit yielded by the samudra-manthan (Bhagavata Purana).

Ganesha Silhouette Pendant

This pendant is a straightforward however generous bit of decoration. From the gently fingered palms and the pot stomach, to the mark trunk that commands the picture and the tilak on His sanctuary, the characterizing bends have been designed from gold. The dhoti that dress His legs united in the situated stance, the laddooes in the one hand that isn’t brought up in gift, and royal turban that sits on His temples are a sparkling silver shading. Regardless of the moderate craftsmanship of this pendant, it would emerge in your gems box as a bit of devotional gems that is more or less complete.

Mask Of A Lion Wall-hanging

The lion holds a place of pride in Indian culture. The most ferocious creature of the wilderness, it serves as the vahana of Devi Durga Herself. Even Narasimha, an all-important Vishnu incarnation, is half-lion and half-man. Lions are also an indispensable aspect of Buddhist symbolism – they grace stupas and pillars and entrances to places of worship across South and Southeast Asia. The wall-hanging you see on this page depicts the face of a lion in all its ferocity. Mounted on your wall, it would be sure to add to your space an aura of the raw and the rustic, the brute and the invincible, the powerful and the indomitable.

The sheer degree of skill that has gone into this work could be gauged by zooming in on the mane and the face amidst the same. Each strand of the man, the alternating black and gold streaks, and the realistic ends of each clump of hair make this a one-of-a-kind sculpture. The musculature of the face is so lifelike. The eyes convey fierce anger, and the jaws are set to make the onlooker go weak in the knees. Note the curves of the whiskers beneath the fiery nostrils of the lion. Hang up this formidable work of art to add an aura of the wild and the otherworldly in your space.

Choosing the Right Moonstone

Jewelry can serve several purposes for both men and women that sets it in a category all on its own. It can transform any outfit from dull and boring to snazzy and chic with the right set of pieces. These items can also remind the wearer of special events or memories so that they become more sentimental and heirloom pieces. Everyone has different tastes in what they wear so you can find a variety of items in someone’s possession but there is a stone that may not be as popular. 

Moonstone is a semiprecious stone that is not as tough as a diamond but is easily buffed out if it is scratched. It has a translucent quality that shimmers in the light which means that it can be worn with just about every color on the scale. You can find this stone in just about any setting and type so you can mix and match to create the exact look that you are trying to find. One of the unique facts about this particular stone is that it is known in some groups as a healing stone and is used in certain rituals. 

It can be mined in several countries so that it is not limited or extremely rare. This helps to keep the cost down and since it is still gaining in popularity it is not as expensive. This allows you to buy more of them then some of the other more expensive stones that would fall into the category of precious gems. However, it has a great presentation, is less flashy and can be more of flexible in situations. 

For romantic evenings you can dress up without showing off and create an air of mystique and uniqueness but they are also sedate enough to wear to the office. You can amaze your friends and family with your excellent taste and identify pieces that you want to pass down to your kids and grandkids. The situation, event, and time are all determining factors so it is important to build a solid collection of moonstone jewelry for all occasions as well as considering what colors and styles look good on you.

However, it is not only the selection of what to include in your inventory that is important but where you buy it from. The Internet is a wonderful tool and resource and can help you locate very profitable and reputable stores to buy these items (for example moonstone jewelry, Indian earrings and lot more) online but you need to be careful to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth and that the stones have the necessary high quality. This is where you need to make the decision whether to purchase from an online store or a brick and mortar store that you can walk in to and touch the items before making the investment. It is definitely worth the time to do the research because you may find an outstanding source for this type of stone and well worth the cost so as long as you verify all the information then press forward and place the order. Moonstone () is not a stone like all the others and will set the user apart as different and unique!