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Folk Art Water Color Painting on Rama-Krishna-Jagannath Panel

Pattachitra is a well established part of life in Orissa. It is the name given to illustrations made utilizing endemic shades and methods on a texture canvas arranged locally by hand. The one you see on this page has a tussar pata-astra, a homegrown assortment of silk whose unquestionable ivory shading has gained a duskContinue reading “Folk Art Water Color Painting on Rama-Krishna-Jagannath Panel”


The Tree Of Life Beckons You

Folk paintings from the Mithila region of Bihar are coveted all over the world for their simplistic beauty and devotional themes. These are traditionally made by women to decorate the mud walls and ceilings of their dwellings, and have evolved to be made on mobile canvas, fabric, and handmade paper. Anything from a stone toContinue reading “The Tree Of Life Beckons You”