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Tips to Help You Choose The Right Earrings

No authentically ethnic attire would ever be complete without a set of Indian earrings. Even though modish style of earring and western designs can be paired well with Indian outfits, nothing makes an ethnic attire blossom and shine quite like a pair of ethnic earrings. These days, plenty of online retailers sell Indian earrings andContinue reading “Tips to Help You Choose The Right Earrings”


Krishna Surrounded By His Dancing Radha

The appeal of Madhubani depictions is multifold. Consummated by the ladies of the Mithila area of Bihar, this society artistic expression happened as a way to improve the mud residences of the locale. While these artworks have developed to increasingly versatile media, for example, texture, canvas, and high quality paper, for example, the one youContinue reading “Krishna Surrounded By His Dancing Radha”

The charm and grace of Bandhani Sari

One of the beautiful fabrics made in our country, Bandhani just continues to be more popular every day. For all the intricate and subtle beauty and charm, (and the beautiful colors they have), Bandhani Sarees, Dupattas, Rok, and Lehengas are always the favorites of our women. If you are one of those people who haveContinue reading “The charm and grace of Bandhani Sari”

Mask Of A Lion Wall-hanging

The lion holds a place of pride in Indian culture. The most ferocious creature of the wilderness, it serves as the vahana of Devi Durga Herself. Even Narasimha, an all-important Vishnu incarnation, is half-lion and half-man. Lions are also an indispensable aspect of Buddhist symbolism – they grace stupas and pillars and entrances to placesContinue reading “Mask Of A Lion Wall-hanging”

Choosing the Right Moonstone

Jewelry can serve several purposes for both men and women that sets it in a category all on its own. It can transform any outfit from dull and boring to snazzy and chic with the right set of pieces. These items can also remind the wearer of special events or memories so that they becomeContinue reading “Choosing the Right Moonstone”

Schools of Indian Philosophy – An Overview

Indian philosophy is generally categorized into six schools – Yoga, Sankhya, Vedanta, Vaisheshika, Nyaya and Mimamsa. However, dive deeply and you will find several others. Madhava’s Sarvadarsanasaṃgraha (Survey of the Major Philosophical Systems) discusses sixteen philosophical schools. Among these are schools at odds with the conventional Hindu philosophy – Buddhism, Jainism and materialism. Yoga dealsContinue reading “Schools of Indian Philosophy – An Overview”

Kashmiri Pashmina Shawls: Exquisitely Crafted for Elegance and Style

Kashmir is known for its natural beauty and wonderful arts and culture. It is also known for its stunning Pashmina clothing accessories such as scarves, wraps, stoles or shawls. Pashmina fabric includes 100 percent pure Pashmina. Other types of shawls include 80% Pashmina and 20% silk blend. The 70/30 blend is also commonly used inContinue reading “Kashmiri Pashmina Shawls: Exquisitely Crafted for Elegance and Style”

Home Décor and Handicrafts – A Perfect Mix of Art and Intrigue

Decorating your home with handicrafts is not something new or unheard of. In fact, it is a very popular method of enthusing some intricate art forms into your home décor. India is a country, rich in cultural heritage and art forms found in every nook and cranny. These art forms are not only traditional butContinue reading “Home Décor and Handicrafts – A Perfect Mix of Art and Intrigue”

Redefine Your Style Quotient With Exquisite Collection of Indian earrings

As the saying goes, ‘The difference between style and fashion is quality’, so it is very important that you remain aware of quality items which can help glam up your look. Fashion trends keep varying based on season or occasion whereas if you can create your own signature style then that becomes immortal. It’s notContinue reading “Redefine Your Style Quotient With Exquisite Collection of Indian earrings”